ENG Infotech seeks to engage in a meaningful partnership to provide organizations with the solutions to their Information Technology needs. ENG has extensive experience assisting every organizations regardless of size, business model, and industry. We are committed to promote the development of intelligent business technology solutions to enterprise, medium, and small businesses. Our mission is to be the leading technology preferred partner to companies with a vision to remain ahead of the competition by developing and implementing innovative systems and processes. ENG consulting approach has produced successful engagements with our clients. We have expanded into Europe as part of our strategy to extend our global reach, and master the art of performing custom software training and migrations onsite or remotely for over 8 years. ENG Infotech is an experienced technology migration service provider. ENG has a successful track record providing deployment support services to major hotel brands throughout geographically diverse markets in the US and abroad. ENG partners with leading software developers and the hotel group deployment team as the third-party vendor to facilitate several tasks in the migration process.