Temporary to Hire

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to test-drive a vehicle before purchasing it? It’s with the understanding of this concept that ENG Infotech offers temporary to hire candidates. It affords you the opportunity to observe a temporary hire’s work ethic, transition into the team, understanding of corporate culture and their enthusiasm for the position. Conversely, it affords the temporary employee the opportunity to intimately learn if the organization is where they would like to build their career long-term. Either way, temporary to hire is a smart choice and when the transition is made to a permanent placement, your human asset will seamlessly and instantaneously add value to your organization.

Choose ENG Infotech for your next temporary to hire position. We will identify, screen, and present you with talent whose “soft” and “hard” strengths best complement your internal need.

For job seekers that are looking to be a part of the ENG Infotech talent pool and find the right temporary to hire position that fits your needs, we look forward to engaging you.