Permanent Placement

Successfully hiring a full-time employee is an undertaking that is not only time consuming, and costly but can sometimes end up for naught if the employee ends up not being the best fit. ENG Infotech helps to minimize the “what-ifs” in hiring your next best human asset.

At ENG Infotech, we have the same hands-on nurturing approach with candidates as we do with our clients. This approach allows us to get the pulse of both and positions us to present the best-suited candidates to each individual situation. Pairing the candidate’s skills, expertise and soft skills with specifications and organizational cultures that best suits them is the beginning of success.

Choose ENG Infotech for your next permanent placement position. We will identify, screen, and present you with talent whose “soft” and “hard” strengths best complement your internal needs.

The right IT talent is your competitive edge.
We specialize in placing individuals into the following direct hire positions: