Getting the best from talented people begins with a well-crafted recruiting strategy to attract individuals with the capacity for success. It also takes reliable, accurate assessment and methodologies. And it requires effective solutions to engage, develop and retain people, under-scored by a commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

ENG Infotech helps clients get the best from talented people for their contract, consulting and direct roles. From single placements to total outsourced solutions, ENG Infotech translates human capital strategies into practical actions and measurable results.

When you need specialized IT expertise or want to augment your staff with more like them, ENG Infotech delivers. We know the people you want and can provide as many as you need.

ENG Infotech’s dedicated account managers work closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements, identify specific project goals, and develop an appropriate staffing plan. Our recruiters familiarize themselves with our clients and proactively recruit talent that is needed. Our team works with client personnel and our consultants to outline expectations create a common understanding of goals and achieve overall satisfaction. It’s truly a formula for success.