Other Services We Offer


Professional Services

Our professional services group, offers you the unique ability to outsource some of your key marketing functions when internal resources are either overloaded, need additional expertise or when additional resources are needed. At ENG Infotech, our strategic approach to marketing solutions creates a wholistic view of your organization beyond the immediate marketing need. It forces communication between your various business units to understand their needs, avoid duplication and create harmony in working toward your organizations goals.

Some of the online marketing solutions we offer include:
  • Branding
  • Social Media Services
  • Analytics
  • Market Planning
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Design
  • Website Development & Creation
  • Copy Writing
  • Blog Creation and Maintenance
IT Solutions

⦁ ENG Infotech offers an array of IT professional services as well as web and mobile technology services. We will consult with you to understand your current technology environment, your business goals and make recommendations and execute solutions to help give your business the extra edge it needs to stay ahead.

IT Professional Solutions

⦁ ENG Infotech consults with you to determine your technology needs and supply the best resources. Whether your need includes technology acquisition, configuration services, infrastructure related managed services, IT staff augmentation, IT software integration or other IT consulting, we have and continue to help organizations realize their potential via technology.

Web Technology Solutions

⦁ Web technology is continually on demand to keep businesses on the forefront in their industries. ENG Infotech can keep your business on the cutting edge of technology with the build-out of various applications, custom applications, flash games, Facebook / Google / Twitter integrated applications, E-commerce, CRM and even point-of-sale utilities.

Mobile Technology Solutions

⦁ In growing businesses, it is imperative to be able to connect with customers via multiple methods of communications. We live in a world that demands more and more immediate access. With the growing market of smart phones, Mobile technology becomes a necessity to keep up with an ever-evolving world. ENG Infotech offers innovative Mobile Apps on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Platforms.

Contact us to discuss your IT and Web Technology needs, or even about our new app!