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PMS/Sales & Catering

ENG has extensive experience in training individuals with a need to learn Hospitality Property Management, Sales and Catering, Point of Sale, and Food & Beverage. Trainers who are selected are required to have a background in the leading PMS and S&C software applications, as well as, hotel operations management. We ensure that our trainers are current with new technology and operational procedures, and are required to engage in continuous refreshers and education.


ENG’s PCI awareness courses are designed according to state-of- the-art adult learning principles for online learning. The courses are customizable and use a stimulating instructional approach that engages the learner and increases retention. Context-relevant examples not only ensure satisfying learning experiences, they help drive real, measurable, and sustainable behavioral change.

Our PCI Awareness Training course develops awareness and best-practice behaviors for protecting payment card data. As breach upon breach reveals, there are real limits to technology’s ability to protect an organization’s sensitive data. Consequently, the greatest return on your information security investment now lies with your people—the most vulnerable endpoint of all. The PCI data security standards reflect this fact. That’s why the most recent update of the PCI-DSS emphasizes user awareness training—it’s absolutely essential to making PCI security work.

One of our newest courses in Security Awareness contains a Privacy lesson on identifying and protecting PII. Security Awareness with Privacy Principles training combines both data security and privacy principles into a single course. Key concepts are clearly presented to help build data protection awareness and improve learner behaviors.

The goal is to create informed employees who can identify PII and security threats, understand the risks, and make better data protection decisions that ultimately reduce risks for your organization. Good data protection practices will strengthen the consumer’s trust in your organization and foster customer loyalty. Trust and loyalty are essential to maintaining lifetime, profitable customers.

Data Management

ENG skilled IT professionals can help you develop a customized Data Management program. The sustainability of most businesses today is dependent on a well-designed technology advancement plan. Without a There can be an increasing gap between the critical business operations and information technology. ENG is experienced in evaluating the company’s IT environment, testing the security of the network, identifying harmful risks, and developing a protection and recovery plan.


Software Implementation
Migration Deployment
System Training
Data Analytics
Quality Assurance
Help Desk
Change Management
Process Engineering
Human Resource Management

Instructional Design

ENG instructional methodology is based on proven instructional design models. All our courses are well prepared, designed, and developed by professional educators, training specialists, and subject matter experts in their fields. ENG’s experienced team of professionals can create the most appropriate learning tools, content courseware, and deliver highly specialized material in the most comprehensive way.

Organizational Development

ENG offers a range of organizational development and business sustainability impacting solutions. Our select Human Resources and Information Technology experts, combine skills and experience, to assist you in planning, structuring, and maintaining your organization.

ENG will assist in streamlining and developing your Business Continuity Planning, which is necessary to ensure that the business can continue with its critical functions, despite the most challenging disruptive events.